How to Install a CD Player

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Adding a CD player to your computer is beneficial. CD-ROM drives are able to read data discs, music discs, and other media discs. You can use a CD player on your computer to listen to music while you work, access data that is contained on a CD, or watch movies on your computer. While there are some complicated steps involved in the process, anybody with a minimal knowledge on computer can do it.

Materials Needed:
- CD player to install
- screwdriver
- container
- computer manual
Step 1
Check your computer’s user manual to familiarize yourself of the location where you will install the CD player.
Step 2
Make sure that your computer is turned off. Disconnect the plug of the computer from the power source. Also, disconnect all the cables connecting the monitor to the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This makes it easier to install the CD player on the CPU.
Step 3
Place the CPU on a flat surface. Remove the outer casing of the CPU with the screwdriver. Place the screws inside the container to avoid losing them.
Step 4
Check the slot where you will place the CD player. Make sure that no cables or wires are obstructing the slot where you will place the CD player. If there are wires and cables that are blocking the slot, disconnect them. Make sure that you remember the location of the cables and wires so you can reconnect them later on.
Step 5
Get the CD player that you will install. Check the user's manual that comes with the CD player. There should be some instructions on the installation of the device. Gently handle the CD player so as not to cause any damage to it. Slip the CD player in the slot on the CPU. Secure it in place using screws that came with the CD player package.
Step 6
Locate the IDE cable inside the CPU. The IDE cable is the fat gray cable. It has three connectors. One of the connectors is attached to the motherboard of the computer, another one is attached to the IDE slot. Attach the remaining end of the IDE cable to the CD player.
Step 7
Make sure to attach the audio cable to your sound card to ensure that your CD player will work properly.
Step 8
Reconnect all the cables and put back the outer case of the CPU. Reconnect the monitor to the CPU and open the computer. Test if the CD player has been installed successfully by inserting a CD on the disc drive.