How To Put Wallpaper on MySpace

Level of difficulty: Easy

MySpace is a website for social networking that provides an interactive network of friends, blogs, personal profiles, music, photos and videos, both for teenagers and adults. It allows its millions of user worldwide to post personal profiles through the web with the view of sharing them to friends and other people. Some of the user profiles provided by MySpace include moods, blurbs, blogs, music and even wallpaper profile. A user’s wallpaper profile on myspace can provide other users a view or opinion as to the personality and style of the myspace profile owner. Most often, users try to create wallpaper on MySpace that is fun and appealing to others not only to catch their attention but to create an impression of themselves through the wallpaper background. MySpace provides the user a simple process in creating a change in background and wallpaper by copying and pasting the proper code into the MySpace section known as “about me”.

Materials Needed:
- Internet
- MySpace
- Adobe Photoshop
- Photobucket
Step 1
First, the user chooses the type of background for the MySpace profile. These backgrounds can be searched through various sites such as,, and
Step 2
The user then opens his profile at and opens on the Internet browser a second window or tab.
Step 3
The 'edit profile' link on the user’s homepage is then clicked to show the various backgrounds. The user then copies the code of the preferred background by pressing 'control A'. The code can also be copied by simply highlighting the code with the computer mouse, then pressing the right click of the mouse and choosing the 'copy' option.
Step 4
The code for the chosen background is then pasted at the end of the MySpace section 'about me'. The user right clicks the particular area at the bottom of the 'about me' section and then chooses 'paste'.
Step 5
Once the code had been pasted at the end of the 'about me' section, select the 'save all' selection. The user chooses the 'view profile' to check whether the profile is the correct profile. The new background can now be shared to the user’s MySpace friends.
Step 6
In the alternative, the user may place wallpaper together on Photoshop. The user then proceeds to Photobucket to upload the wallpaper and may customize the layout by going to Add the LINK of the wallpaper to the user’s background image section. The layout can now be previewed once the user is done with the layout. To complete the wallpaper, the user copies and enters the code into the 'about me' section.