How to Learn Basic Computer Skill

Level of difficulty: Easy

The computer is one of the most used technologies nowadays. It provides people with assistance regarding their day-to-day activities. It can be used to document, research, and publish different kinds of material.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- keyboard
- mouse
- Windows OS
- Internet connection
Step 1
Locate the 'Power' button of the computer. It is normally placed in front of desktop computers, and on the edges of the keyboard on laptops. Turn on the computer.
Step 2
Familiarize yourself with the keyboard and the mouse, while the computer is turning on. The display/monitor will show the Windows Desktop soon.
Step 3
The Windows Desktop is the first display to be seen. This display is the main graphical interface used in operating the Windows Operating System. Familiarize yourself with the different icons. The main icons here are the 'Start' button and the 'My Documents', 'My Computer', and 'Recycle Bin' icons. Other icons seen here are the application shortcuts and system tray icons.
Step 4
The mouse controls the pointer seen on the display. The buttons on the mouse have different functions. The left mouse button is used to select a choice, while clicking the right mouse button shows a menu of items related to the application used. It can also be used to highlight text by holding down the left mouse button and selecting the text. Right clicking on the highlighted text will show a menu allowing the user to copy or cut the selected text.
Step 5
Selecting the 'My Documents' or 'My Computer' icon by double-clicking on it with the mouse will open the Windows Explorer window. This window allows the user to browse through the different areas on a computer. It can be used to view, copy, cut and paste files from a folder, drive or disk to another.
Step 6
Windows is normally bundled with Microsoft office, and Microsoft Office is a collection of applications used in creating, editing, and saving documents, tables and presentations. You can select an application through the use of the start button, and browsing through the programs installed on your computer. Most of these applications have help menus accessible through the program menu.
Step 7
One type of application found on the system is called the Web browser. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, allow the user to browse, or surf various websites on the Internet. The user does this by entering a URL on the browser field, and allowing the browser to connect to the said Web address.
Step 8
For more lessons on using a computer, the user may use a search engine and browse for Basic Computer Tutorials.