How to clean a computer monitor

Level of difficulty: Easy

Different types of computer monitors are used these days; LCD (Liquid Crystal) and the CRT (Cathode ray tube). Both these monitors can be cleaned easily but materials used can vary slightly. CRT monitor has screen of glass panel which can be cleaned with a slightly moist or dry cloth whereas LCD monitor has a green like gel which is prone to scratches & can get damaged by grit or dust. As LCD monitor is at greater risk so the materials used for cleaning should be taken care of. One should avoid using materials like ethanol, ammonia, rough cloth, small brushes.

Materials Needed:
- Electronic wipes or Soft cloth
- Device producing compressed air or air compressor
- user’s manual
Step 1
One should go through the guidelines mentioned in the user’s manual. Read the cleaning instructions. Make sure to use the proper way and appropriate material to clean the monitor. Missing any instruction can damage the LCD monitor.
Step 2
Prepare the cleaning materials. To clean the monitor one needs compressed air, soft dry cloth/electronic wipes etc. (It is recommended to use the electronic wipes) Most of the electronic wipes usually clean and remove dust by creating antistatic environment.
Step 3
Switch off the monitor. One should make sure that monitor is not connected to the power supply source. It is not required to disconnect monitor from computer.
Step 4
Keep the monitor on a flat surface wherein the screen faces upwards. Make sure that the plugs & wires do not get strained.
Step 5
LCD monitor should be sprayed with the compressed air. The compressed air will prevent the grime and dust from causing scratches on the monitor surface. The compressed air can also be used on the base, backside, screen frame etc. One edge should be sprayed at once as it will prevent dust from blowing to other parts of the computer.
Step 6
Clean the monitor with electronic wipes from one direction to another. Repeat this if required.
Step 7
Make sure to clean other parts and sides of the monitor. Monitor can be tilted carefully for proper cleaning.
Step 8
Place the monitor in its position. Turn on the power cord and check if it is working in order with optimum capability.
Step 9
Now after cleaning this, one can clear cleaning materials. Along with this, one can also clean the dust & grit from the table or the cleaning surface.