How to clear web cache

Level of difficulty: Easy

One major problem that is being encountered by most of the internet users is the slow speed and excessive downloading time of the web pages. Most of them are under a misconception that there is nothing wrong with their PC and the website design is heavy that is making the down time increase. This myth is however not always true as there can be some problem within the system as well. Paying a little attention while working on internet can solve the problems. The presence of the internet cache will make the speed slow and thus increase the processing time for all the applications to increase from few seconds to few minutes. This procedure is really irritating but it can be made easy if the internet cache is deleted regularly.

Materials Needed:
- A computer system
- internet explorer and internet connection.
Step 1
Most of the users are using the web browser as Internet explorer and to delete the unwanted stuff is extremely easy and just takes few steps.
Step 2
Open the web page and go to the tools menu. A drop down will open where one needs to look for the 'internet options'.
Step 3
Once the internet options are opened then an individual needs to go to the general category. As soon the users click on this tab it will open a dialog box that shows many things.
Step 4
It will contain options to delete files, cookies and history individually. Pressing on the individual options to delete all of them will clear the browser of all the cache and make it run faster.
Step 5
People have been also using the Firefox web browser and it is convenient to delete the cache in this one. Just like the internet explorer an individual needs to go to the 'tools 'tab.
Step 6
After pressing on that it will open a option of the 'clear private data' this would open a pop up box where the user can check on all those and then delete all the cache that has been stored.
Step 7
The temporary files are also adding an unwanted cache to the internet and thus a person can delete the temporary files by searching them on the system. Go to the 'start menu'.
Step 8
Then press on search and there follow the option of 'all files and folders'.
Step 9
A rectangular box will appear write *temp in that. This command will open all the files and folder that are ending with the temp extension. Select all of them and press delete will delete all the temporary cache.