How to change computer name

Level of difficulty: EASY

The computer name is the way through which a computer is marked over a network. It is our name that distinguishes a person from another. In the same way, the computer name creates a separate identity for a particular identity from another one in a network. The hostname is created at the time of installation of the operating system. At times, there rises the situation of changing the hostname. With the change in the computer’s use to the user or its location rises the need for changing the name of the computer. Computer manufacturers give the computers a name before dispatching them from the factory. It is the computer’s name that helps the operating system to organize its processes and in turn the user’s files. Apart from that, the name even helps in communicating with other computers within the network.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
Regarding changing the computer name, the first thing that is to be known is the original name. We can gather this information easily from the 'system info' option in 'my computer' under 'start' menu.
Step 2
Then there is the step of changing the name. In the control panel, lies the option 'system and maintenance'.
Step 3
Opt for computer description tab which displays the name of the computer along with some other descriptions.
Step 4
Then provide the new computer name and approve it by pressing the 'OK' button, and the objective gets successfully accomplished.
Step 5
Amidst this entire step, one thing gets neglected most of the time. The Internet Service Providers use the computer’s name to identify it. Thus inform the administrator of the network about the change and make sure that you are not sharing the same name with any other computer in the network which might create problems in authorizing your use. Even, there is a notion that changing the name also affects the arrangements of the files in the computer. But, that is not the case. They remains untouched, even though the network settings changes and will fail to find the path of the scanners and printers you were sharing previously.
Step 7
Every computer requires a name to make it separable from others and find an easy way to get connected. But as time goes, the user needs to change the name and ensure that it reflects properly the changing needs of the network or the user. For instance, Mr. X has given his computer to his child or is using it for different tasks- then changing the computer name is a must. Stop worrying and change the computer’s name as per your requirement and remove yourself from the boredom of using the same name year after year.