How to clean your pc

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Slow speed, regular errors, less storage space, frequent system failure and other similar problems. All such issues are troubling each one who is working with computers. A device that shows such symptoms will signify clearly the state of maintenance. All these problems are encountered when a computer has a lot of cluttered material stored in its memory. Such parameters affect the processing time and functioning. Regular cleaning procedure would help the users in many ways and save a lot of amount.

Materials Needed:
- Basic hands on working with system tools.
Step 1
De-clutter the system by removing some files and folders that are no more in use. This can be done once in a fortnight as a lot of undesired applications are just loading the system and using up the free space. Remove files, folders and documents from various drives. It will speed up and give storing space to the device.
Step 2
Un-install software that are too heavy and replace them with some simpler versions.
Step 3
Remove some application. Click on the 'start menu' go to 'control panel' and then select the option of 'add and remove programs'. Then select the applications to be deleted and then press 'delete'.
Step 4
Temporary files and cookies are big time slow speeding elements to the device. Search them by pressing on 'start' then type *temp. All the temporary files with temp extension will appear and then an individual can delete them in one go.
Step 5
Cookies are taking up some storage space and need to be eliminated. Removing the cookies from different browsers is different. In case of internet explorer one needs to open the web page then go to 'tools'.
Step 6
Thereafter an individual needs to select the 'internet options'.
Step 7
Press on the 'general' that shows an option to delete cookies, files and the previous history. Press on the individual tabs of cookies and files and this will erase all the cookies that have taken up the free space.
Step 8
Regularly run the antivirus and antispyware applications on the PC. It can be done daily or weekly. This will help the pc to remain free of errors and viruses that are taking over the other applications. Some online free antivirus and antispyware are available that can be downloaded. One precaution while downloading them is that one needs to install the latest version.
Step 9
Regular disk checkup and defragmentation will make a lot of difference.