How to Start Computer in Safe Mode

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The Safe Mode is a function available to many computers and Operating Systems (OS). In a safe mode function, the computer operates on a limited functionality allowing the user to perform diagnostic tests. By using the safe mode function, the user can find and fix problems within a computer. This is a method used in removing some malware programs and viruses to prevent the computer from crashing in normal mode. While in safe mode function, only specific programs and files needed by the OS is running. However, it is possible to have Internet connection while the computer is in safe mode. It is possible for the computer to start longer than usual and video resolution may be different in safe mode function.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
Step 1
Close all programs and restart the computer. Be sure to save all previous work and important data.
Step 2
While the computer is restarting or when the POST (Power-on-self-test) diagnostics are being displayed, start pressing the F8 key.
Step 3
On the 'Start Up' menu and select the 'Safe Mode' function. If you need an Internet connection while the computer is in safe mode, select 'Safe Mode with Networking'.
Step 4
Restart the computer, the OS will restart in Safe Mode. If the Safe Mode function is not activated, repeat Step 1 to 4 until it does.
Step 5
Close all programs and shut down the computer when starting Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP OS in a Safe Mode function.
Step 6
Wait for at least 30 seconds before starting the computer.
Step 7
While the computer is starting, repeatedly press the 'F8' key. The Windows Advanced Options Menu will emerge. If a keyboard error occurs, just repeat Step 5-7.
Step 8
Select the Safe Mode function on the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Make sure the Safe Mode is selected and press 'Enter'.
Step 9
The computer will start in the Safe Mode function.
Step 10
After troubleshooting and repairing your computer, close all programs and restart the computer.
Step 11
It is also possible to access the Safe Mode function by starting the computer on normal mode. Click on the 'Start' button on the lower left of your Desktop and select 'Run'.
Step 12
Enter 'msconfig' (without the quotation marks) and hit 'Enter'.
Step 13
On the msconfig window, click the boot.ini. tab. Check the safeboot box and select 'minimal'.
Step 14
To access the networking feature, select 'network' instead of 'minimal'.