How to Install a Phone Jack

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Phone jacks are needed at home to connect phone lines, Internet connections and fax machines. Some people need more phone jacks to accommodate all their needs. An extra phone jack can easily be installed when needed. The phone jack can be installed without having to call a technician.

Materials Needed:
- Phone jack
- Screwdriver
- Needle-nose pliers
- Cable staples
- Telephone wire
- Drill (optional)
Step 1
Choose a location where you want the phone jack to be located. Also, locate where the existing phone jack is located. You need to measure the distance between the two locations. Measure the distance using the telephone wire to have an idea of the length of telephone wire needed to install the new jack. Add a few inches to your measurement.
Step 2
Run and secure the telephone wire with the cable staples from the existing phone jack to the location of the new phone jack that you are going to install. Be careful not to puncture the telephone wire while stapling it in place. If you are going to run the wire through a wall, use the drill to make a hole big enough to allow the telephone wire to run through it.
Step 3
Use the needle-nose pliers to remove the outer skin of the telephone wire. Remove at least two inches to expose the wires inside the telephone wire. There are four wires that are going to be exposed. These wires are colored yellow, red, green, black, and yellow.
Step 4
Use the needle-nose pliers to remove at least an inch of skin from the four wires that are exposed. Do this carefully so as not to damage the wires.
Step 5
Go to the existing phone jack and unscrew the cover of the jack with the screwdriver. Locate the four wires and attach each wire to its matching color.
Step 6
Go to the location of the new phone jack. Attach the telephone wire to the terminals inside the phone jack. They are named red, green, yellow, and black. Attach the corresponding color to its match.
Step 7
Secure your newly installed jack in place by using screws. Make sure that the telephone cables are securely in place and not scattered on the floor to avoid accidents.
Step 8
Test if the new phone jack that you installed works properly by calling another number.