How to buy a lcd tv

Level of difficulty: EASY

LCD televisions are, what we call need of the hour. They are very thin, light and flat high definition televisions which can be accommodated almost anywhere. They do not come with big box like shapes of conventional televisions. Portability is the most exciting feature of these televisions; you can use them on bedroom, kitchen, and drawing room walls without having to compromise any space. The picture quality is fantastic and the whole area is evenly lit which gives a smoother feel to the viewers. Apart from these, LCD televisions also have greater longevity which means you can use these facilities for many years without any change. A survey has showed a normal LCD TV if viewed for 24 hours a day continuously it takes 7 long years to burn the LCD display out. This implies an average viewing habit of 8 hours per day, the LCD TV works fine for 18-20 years.

Materials Needed:
- Purchase
Step 1
There are many LCD televisions of different size and brands available in the market, so it is very important to choose the right one for you. Normally size of the LCD display should be in accordance with the place you are going to set it and the distance from which you will watch it. For 20-27 'comfortable viewing distance is 2.5- 5ft. away. For 32 – 37' TVs, distance of 6-8 ft is advised. For 42 – 46 inch it is 10-14ft and for 50 inch LCD TV viewing distance should be 12 to 16ft away. For knowing further details you should consult manual.
Step 2
As is the size of the LCD TV you can mount TV in almost anywhere. There are different ways of installation of this like – Flat wall mounts [least expensive], Tilt wall mounts [this is to place the TV above your eye level. Usually placed above fireplaces and in bedrooms], Table stands, Articulating Wall mounts [this mounting device can allow rotation of display by 120 degree to the left or right and 10 degrees up and down], Ceiling mounts, Lifts[like ceiling lifts, console lifts, motorized lifts]. If we look into the brands Samsung and Sony are the leaders with Samsung LN32B460, Samsung LN40B750 and Sony KDL-40S5100 topping the chart. On the other hand Toshiba and LG are providing the most economic ones to the customers. LCD TV buys are really going to be a lifetime experience, so one should not waste time and just go for it.