How to convert dvd to avi

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you convert DVD to AVI mode, you can gain from small file sizes and the files can come to the use of video editing. You have to first download DVDx archive file to the computer. Once download is complete, open it and double click on “DVDx Setup”. This will complete the software installation. Now insert your DVD in the drive, or if you have saved the file on the computer, it can be ripped from there. You will find three menu’s on the DVDx window, namely File, Settings and Tools.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
A window will open and click on 'Open IFO' to select the file from the hard disk or the source. Then select the file VTS_01_0.IFO on the hard drive. You will find the movie loaded. Then a dialog box named Input settings will open, and if you have multiple movies, then make your choice of the movie you want to encode by selecting it from the drop down menu in the left corner. For each DVD, pick a root menu.
Step 2
In the Program Chain Index section the Input Settings dialog box will show and will also show the length of the movie. From the Audio section, check a suitable audio track.
Step 3
If you get an error while conversion 'DVD drive could not be locked', then you will have to install ASPI drivers, then 'Use ASPI'. From the Settings menu, go to the Output Settings, and choose output options, like the format for the movie and set the size of the screen and the quality of audio.
Step 4
Several settings have to be changed in the Output settings dialog box according to your wants. For Media Player, use AVI as output format. Then choose the audio compression method.
Step 5
For compression either use Lame MP3 or MPEG. From the drop down menu, choose XVID video codec. Then click on 'Enable Video'. From the Exports Settings, choose the size of the screen for encoding.
Step 6
For Max Frame number, click on Whole button, it should be pressed for every DVD file, let the other settings be default.
Step 7
To keep the movie in one file, set the maximum file size to infinite from the Output settings. Click the apply button in the 'Volume Don’t exceed'.
Step 8
In the file menu, click on the item 'Destination'. This is near the Red Record button.
Step 9
Put a name on the file and then save it in a folder. Now you are ready to convert. Click on the red record button, wait till encoding is over.