How to clean a mouse

Level of difficulty: EASY

There is a huge variety of devices for obtaining various types of input. The mouse is one of the primary ways for people to directly enter information into the computer. It is a small box from the bottom of which protrudes a small ball bearing. The ball bearing rotates when the user moves the mouse across their desk and as it is linked by a cable to the computer, this moves the cursor on the display screen. A mouse can have one, two or three buttons. The functions of each button are determined by the program that uses the mouse. When the mouse is new, it is completely shining without a trace of dirt. But as time passes by, it fades away and leaves us with a dirty mouse. So, cleaning is the best method to not face such an awful situation. Well, many of us may not have heard about cleaning the mouse but that does not reduce any of its importance. Cleaning the mouse ensures a smooth functioning and also increases the life span of the mouse.

Materials Needed:
- warm water
- cotton swab
- cleaning solution.
Step 1
Speaking of cleaning the mouse, you have to take proper care while cleaning them. Unplug the mouse and make sure before beginning cleaning that there is no power supply in the mouse.
Step 2
Then turn the mouse upside down. Unlock the ring that covers the ball and remove the ball.
Step 3
Clean the ball with warm water. Make sure that no water gets inside the mouse since it can lead to possibility of short out.
Step 4
Clean the rollers with cotton swab covered with cleaning solution and remove all the dust.
Step 5
For optical mouse, be careful while wiping the underside of the mouse with the cloth so that no dust particles enter the light sensor area.
Step 6
If any water enters into the internal components, allow adequate time to get it properly dried up.
Step 7
Dry out the mouse with dry and clean cloth and reassemble the mouse when all the parts get dried.
Step 8
Reconnect the mouse to the computer and you get a clean and clear mouse with a flawless finish.
Step 9
All the computer users use a computer mouse for logging in and pave their way to the internet or other computer applications. So, why use a dirty mouse day after day. Just save some precious minutes from your busy schedule and impart it to cleaning up your mouse and provide a new fresh look to it along with a long life.