How to block a website

Level of difficulty: Easy

There are various reasons why a website should be blocked, one of it being that you have children and you have caught them viewing certain sites which are pornographic or maybe gambling. Or it could be your office staff are busier viewing some sites rather than doing their work. There are some sites that children love to explore and spend hours browsing, interacting with strangers. For that you don’t need to turn off the internet, take care of the problem by blocking that particular website.Various options are available for this and all of them are easy to do so. Just follow few simple steps and the site you want blocked, is done.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized Software
Step 1
Open the browser tools. When Internet Explorer has opened, the 'tools’ button should be clicked, and then on the ‘internet options’ tab.
Step 2
As soon as the tab ‘internet options’ is opened, then do a click on ‘content’ and again click on ‘enable’ that will be under 'content advisor’ title.
Step 3
Now from the title, you then go ahead and click ‘approved sites’ tab, and then enter the website URL that you wish to block. Then again click on the ‘never’ tab then type of the password which you will submit and you will only know.
Step 4
If you follow these steps, you can block sites which are not required to be displayed from Internet explorer. When the certain website is blocked, only a blank page or a blocked page is displayed when the user clicks on that page. The content of the original page does not load on your PC.
Step 5
This is the best way to prevent your kids from spending hours in front of the PC, playing games, downloading undesired material, chatting and loading ads and banners.
Step 6
The software has a password which is on protected mode so that other computer users cannot modify the blocked websites and cannot use the password to uninstall the sites. So the main features of this software are:It blocks websites of your choice, Allows it to save and open blocked websites, Includes password protected uninstall, It blocks loading of ads and banner and Blocks porn and adult sites.
Step 7
The network in an office can be threatened when there is no internet blocking or website blocking software in place as an employee has access to the net and going through offensive sites can let virus hit the system. This can be controlled through internet blocking and website blocking.