How to convert avi to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Most of us, even before the advent of the computer as a home theatre unit, were comfortable watching movies in our DVD players. Even to this very day, non-tech savvy people who don’t own computers or are averse to using them use the humble DVD player to watch movies. DVD players offer extremely high quality movie playback, coupled a high audio fidelity as well. So when we want to watch movies on that gorgeous television screen instead of the cramped monitor, how do we go about it? Even while gifting movies to people, people prefer to gift DVDs of favorite movies that are playable in the DVD player. So if one has loads of AVI files in his hard disk that needs to be watched in a DVD player, here are certain options.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Choosing the right software for AVI to DVD conversion is a must. There are numerous DVD conversion kits available in the market that promises accurate, seamless AVI to DVD conversion without loss in quality. However, no software can actually deliver perfect conversion ratio while converting from AVI files to DVD files. The best way to select the software that works best for you would be to do some market research prior to actually investing in a software bundle. Learn what your friends, relatives and neighbors are using. The internet is also a great place to scout for the software that works best for you.
Step 2
Once you know about some softwares, try and download some trial conversion packages from the internet. The internet should have these trial versions/ evaluation copies that might be tried for a few times before the choice of software is actually made. Some particularly popular software titles are: Adobe Premier (and Premier Elements), Magix, Nero, Pinnacle, Roxio Easy Media Creator and Convert Genius. If you have sample AVI files that need to be converted, make back up copies and then add one to any of the software conversion menus. Click the ‘Convert’ icon to initiate the process and once it ends, compare results between these software titles.
Step 3
The process itself is simple, really, and is dependant on informed choices between similar software titles. However, one of advice would be to remember that most evaluation copies are cripple-wares, i.e. they come with some key features missing. To protect the developer’s interests, some come with limited usage conditions and others might partially convert the movie. However, these copies would hopefully be enough to give you a clear idea for choosing a software over others.