How to Recover Deleted File from Recycle Bin

Level of difficulty: Easy

Data recovery is very important especially when the deleted files contain sensitive information or essential to run a usable application. In order to recover data, you may check them out if they are still in the Recycle Bin. You may also recover some files deleted intentionally and not stored on the Recycle Bin by using specialized software for retrieving data files. These data recovery tools are often commercial data backup solutions available on purchase sites on the Internet. There are some free file recovery tools you may try for personal use.

Materials Needed:
- Deleted files to be recovered
- computer
- data recovery tool
Step 1
It is more convenient if you know the specific file you need to recover when recovering data. Recovery is even simpler if the data is still residing on the Recycle Bin.
Step 2
Browse the Recycle Bin by double clicking the Recycle Bin icon available on the Desktop to locate the file you need to recover.
Step 3
You may change the type of view in order to locate the file you need to recover easily. The Thumbnail view lets you see a preview of a deleted image or video file. The Tiles view lets you see some important details on the files such as file size and data type.
Step 4
Sort the files inside the Recycle Bin to easily spot the file you need to recover. You may sort the files by name, location, size or the date the file was placed on the Recycle Bin.
Step 5
Browsing for files on the Recycle Bin is just like looking for files on a normal window. You may need to utilize the search function in case your Recycle Bin contains too many files. Type the name of the file you need to recover on the provided data field. You can type the whole name of the file or just a part of the file name.
Step 6
You may browse the file by using the advanced search options if you do not know the exact file name or you do not remember any part of the file name. You may specify the time the file was modified or the estimated file size. Specific data files located in the system files may also be included in the search by checking the Search system folders function. Clicking the search button would generate search results which may possibly include the file you need to recover.
Step 7
Right click on the specific file and click on the 'Restore' option on the drop down menu. This does not only recover the file but also returns the file to its original location.
Step 8
You need to use a data recovery tool in case the file is not available on the Recycle Bin. Most data recovery applications work like the System Restore function of the Windows Operating System.