How to clean an lcd screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

The cathode ray tube screens that were used in earlier days were not only bulky but also did not give a good picture quality. Several other parameters render those CRT’s infamous. The advancements in computer and television monitors have lead to the discovery of the LCD screens. The word LCD is an abbreviation of the word liquid crystal display. These screens emit light due to the presence of some light modulating crystal molecules. The sensitive film surface of these monitors demand a lot of care while handling them. The main advantage of installing these are they are easy to installed, emit less of harmful UV rays, give an excellent picture and color quality, occupy less space and so on.

Materials Needed:
- LCD cleaning solution and soft handling of the screen.
Step 1
LCD is a very sensitive screen and thus one major precaution while cleaning that should never be ignored is that one must not press hard over the film surface else it would destroy the screen.
Step 2
The use of rough and abrasive fabrics while cleaning are to be avoided for the same reason that it can cause scratches as well as destroy the sensitivity.
Step 3
While de-dusting one can make use of the soft dusting brushing. This can be done regularly so as to avoid the dust particles to settle on the screen surface.
Step 4
The use of microfiber material or the lint free stuff is recommended. These materials are excellent absorbents of dust and also soft. They will make the surface clean and also not leave any kind of scratches.
Step 5
The use of soapy solutions and fluids is to be avoided as they contain chemicals that would destroy their molecules and make the screen insensitive.
Step 6
It has also been found that people use tap water to clean the LCD screen. This should never be done as the normal tap water has the chlorides and hard water metals that would react with the responsive screen elements and may render them non-functional.
Step 7
Isopropyl alcohol is a recommended cleaning solution for the LCD’s. An individual can wet the soft cloth with 1 or 2 drops of alcohol and then clean the screen surface gently.
Step 8
Apart from this a uniform ratio of the alcohol and distilled water is considered a neutral solution to clean the surface.
Step 9
Apart from this the use of distilled water alone is also considered safe for cleaning purpose.