How to Share a Wireless Printer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A user may reconfigure the computer to enable sharing of a non-network printer among various computers. The sharing of printers is possible without the need of any wire-dependent connections; thus, making it more convenient for multiple computers to use a single printer. Setting up a wireless network for the printer however requires an in-depth knowledge on some technical computer matters particularly on matters involving computer hardware. Setting up a wireless printer is ideal for home settings through the usage of a simple router.

Materials Needed:
- Two computers
- wireless router
- printer with USB capabilities
- Computer Static Electricity Protective Wrist Strap
- Cat 5 Cables
Step 1
The user must first make sure that all the hardware required for setting up a wireless shared printer is available. A wireless network adapter may be required for one or more of the computers to be used. A wireless router is also a must and this router must have a slot for a printer. Set up the router as provided by the router’s manufacturer.
Step 2
Once all the hardware has been setup, open the computer hooked up or connected to the printer. Go to the 'Start' menu then 'Settings' and open the 'Control Panel' icon. Choose the printer icon located within the control panel.
Step 3
A 'share printer option' will be displayed before the user. Click on the printer icon followed by the 'share printer option' icon. Enter a name for the printer by using the user’s own name or the manufacturer’s name.
Step 4
Turn on the second computer and click on the 'Start' menu. Proceed and click on the 'My Computer' icon.
Step 5
Choose the option provided for 'adding a printer to a computer' and then select the network option icon for adding a computer. A list of connected hardware will be displayed. After browsing on the list, click on the name of the first computer.
Step 6
Once the name of the first has been clicked, the wireless network will then transmit to the second computer the driver for the printer chosen by the user. This transmission will take several seconds before being completed.
Step 7
If the driver has been successfully sent to the second computer, perform a test print on the two interconnected computers to make sure that a successful connection was made by the computers to the printer. In the event that the desired printer does not perform any printing job, the user may perform a manual installation of the printer to the second computer.