How to add network printer

Level of difficulty: Easy

You have three computer on your home network and you require only one printer for them all. At present, it is a very common scenario. Now a day, a average household has more than one computer and shares the available resources over a home network. There is no one who wants to have his home cluttered up with some office equipment that is not necessary. That is exactly the main reason for which we need to use a network printer. Installing a network printer allows the multiple user and computers to share a single printer instead of having numerous personal printers throughout the home or office. Apart from that, a lot of money can be saved on office equipment and also the much required space.Adding a network printer is nothing special and a printer already installed on one computer can be the desired one.

Materials Needed:
- network printer
- Ethernet.
Step 1
All that is needed to be known is the actual computer name that the printer is installed on and also the name of the shared printer which can even be its brand name.
Step 2
Apart from that, the printer sharing needs to be enabled from the control panel.
Step 3
Click the add printer icon from the option printer and faxes.
Step 4
Immediately, a dialog box appears and you choose the option of adding the network printer.
Step 5
Then the computer starts finding details automatically or the instructions to be given manually in written format computer name and printer name.
Step 6
on completion, the user name and the password of the computer will be asked that has the printer to be accessed and finally it is ready for installation.
Step 7
Also it is to be seen that the network printer is installed in a centralized place, before installing the software on each machine so that all users can access it conveniently.
Step 8
A printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copy of documents stored in a electric form. Some printers commonly known as the network printers have built-in network interface in the form of wireless or Ethernet, can serve as a hardcopy device for any user on the network. So, friends if you are working in more than one computer, spend some extra on a network printer which can save your money in the long run.