How to clean your laptop keyboard

Level of difficulty: Easy

A laptop is extremely delicate equipment and it needs to be handled with lot of care. The various accessories of this device require an individual to be more careful while working. One of the most fragile components of a laptop is its keyboard. Without it, the laptop is useless as there is no other accessory as important as a keyboard. Keeping the laptop in good condition is one of the most typical task that users may find, however it is a fact that only a well managed device will work efficiently and last longer.

Materials Needed:
- Careful handling of the laptop and use of dry lint free cloth
Step 1
Before cleaning, the laptop must be switched off. A switched on mode is risk to clean.
Step 2
Dust and similar environmental factors make the keyboard dirty and messy, so one must regularly clean the keyboard with soft cloth before and even after working. This post cleaning is usually suggested due to the fact that while working one might be eating and this can make the key board sticky.
Step 3
Using a muslin or lint free cloth is recommended.
Step 4
One should never ever blow compressed air on to a laptop keyboard. It affects the functionality adversely.
Step 5
One can lay the laptop upside down and this would take off the dust and food particles that are inside the key board. It can be done once a week and to save time it can be done when laptop is not in use like during the night time.
Step 6
In case the laptop keys are getting sticky due to excessive usage and multiple users handling it then an individual can choose to clean them with a wet cloth. While working the cloth should never be drenching with water. An appropriate balance between dry and wet form of the cloth has to be maintained.
Step 7
Whenever wet cleaning is done it is never recommended to use fluids and solutions that are soapy as they are hard to clean and may even enter the keyboard.
Step 8
In case one has spilled coffee or any drink then one can dismantle the keyboard by removing the keys and all buttons, soak in water, dry them in sun and then clean with lint free cloth and place them back carefully on the board.