How to copy a dvd movie

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is good to have backup movies especially when it is your favorite and the original was scratched, destroyed or lost. Software called the DVD Decrypter helps you to copy an entire DVD onto your hard disk drive. You can do so without thinking about the clarity of the picture or the sound. It copies and removes all copy protection. As this application is used very frequently, it is always kept updated, it is easy to use with understandable instructions and the most important factor is that it doesn’t require any installation. This is how you copy a DVD Movie:

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Insert the movie that you wish to make copies of in the DVD drive of the computer, using a file explorer, open the contents of the DVD, using Windows Explorer. Now start copying the VIDEO_TS folder which is on the DVD, store it to a location on your hard drive. It is advisable not to store it on C drive; you can store it on any other drive of the computer.
Step 2
Since you don’t need installation, just download and run free DVD, there is it is available and a free version which you can get online. It takes up only 44 KB space.
Step 3
From the free DVD, now select VIDEO_TS folder which you have copied from the DVD that you wanted to copy. You will get a notification telling you about the restrictions that is going to be removed.
Step 4
There is no need of doing any sort of adjustment but just in case you think you need to adjust the sound, picture or anything, do it and then press the free DVD button, which will remove from the movie all the copy restrictions.
Step 5
If you want to write this movie onto a DVD, start by using the DVD Shrink program, this will do all the removing of the copy protections, but since it is an old program, you might just face minor problems and at times it won’t work with some DVDs. This DVD Shrink is such that it manages to cut down the size of the video so that it can fit appropriately on a DVD in place of making two DVDs. So one DVD is used instead of two DVDs.
Step 6
These procedures of copying a DVD movie is very easily done, but remember that these rules apply to people who want to make a DVD movie for home purpose only, it is not mean for professional use.