How to Fix Infected Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the damage caused by viruses to our computer system. Several anti virus software have been launched into the market to save our computer from virus attacks. But as a famous saying says Prevention is better than cure", following the same technique could help our computers to defend the attacks by virus. If you find your computer infected with virus you can follow several steps to remove them.""

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- antivirus software
Step 1
The easiest way of finding out whether your computer is infected with a virus is to check the process which is consuming maximum resources and is trying to access the network connection. Kill that process and delete those files manually by going to the DOS. Go to command prompt by clicking on start followed by click on run. Type cmd and press Ok. Type 'attrib/s -h -s -r 'file name'' followed by 'del/as 'file name''. It will delete all the copies of the virus in your computer. Then delete the 'autorun.inf' file available on the root of all the drives in your computer.
Step 2
Check if an antivirus is installed on your computer. If yes, then check online for its updates. Install the updates and restart the system. Start the scanning of the computer with the anti virus and let the anti virus handle the problem. If your anti virus is unable to remove the virus then move to next step.
Step 3
Your antivirus might not be good enough to handle the situation. Download an antivirus from a trustworthy and reputed vendor and from a trustworthy source. Install it and restart the computer. On booting the system start the scanner and check for any virus detected and take effective measures as guided by the anti virus software. Move to next step if problem is still not resolved.
Step 4
If the virus in your computer does not allows you to install the anti virus then restart the computer in safe mode. For this restart the computer and press F8 key repeatedly till a screen showing booting options comes up. Then select safe mode as booting option. After successful booting of the system install the anti virus application in safe mode and then restart the computer in normal mode. Run the scanner and check for detection of virus. If any virus is found then take the measures as guided by the anti virus application. Avoid working online without an anti virus installed on your computer.
Step 6
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Step 7
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Step 8
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Step 9
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