How to become a network administrator

Level of difficulty: Hard

There are multiplying jobs for network administrators. It will grow to 18 percent by the year 2016. The job of a network administrator is to manage local area networks, wide area networks and WAN, which is an online function for business. They take care of the company’s software and hardware functions, troubleshoot problems, and guarantee network security. The required education should be complete before you become a network administrator and an updated resume is very necessary. Here is how you can become a network administrator. Success and failure today in this competitive global economy depends on connectivity. The growth of a company depends on its efficiency to share information quickly. For this to happen, computer networks must be reliable, running and secure. This is the job of the network administrator.

Materials Needed:
- Software skills
Step 1
Complete a bachelor degree which is required to be a network administrator, such as computer science degree. There are multiple schools where these degrees can be earned. Do a thorough search to get the proper training centre for you. Internship experience is very vital at this stage.
Step 2
While studying in college, apply for internship and get exposure working as a network administrator. Check out companies who provide a nationwide internship, or else contact your college department to see if they give you an opportunity.
Step 3
After you have learn the requirements, update your resume and add the new skills you have acquired. Highlight your internship experience in which you have independently managed local area networks and utilized wireless technology.
Step 4
Start applying for network administrator jobs. Go for companies having a good background on technical knowledge, do not concentrate on the pay, as learning will take time and achieve more experience. Apply in the newspaper for job which would you’re your requirements.
Step 5
Next is to ask about the salary and what compensation they are offering. Always make a counter offer on your salary and compensation package. Once you get the job, you will go through various experiences that will teach you and each day will bring forth new things that you can learn and absorb. Once you know what you are doing and are positive, and then sky is the limit for you.
Step 6
Many professionals have started working from home and freelancing, that way there is freedom of work and more money in return. You can also get outsourced work and be connected to the office workstations. This field is constantly expanding, and more and more network administrators are required, so there is no dearth of jobs.