How to Use Bluetooth and Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Bluetooth is primarily used to exchange data or files over short distances from mobile devices and computers, connecting several devices and overcoming synchronization problems. Bluetooth devices (like Bluetooth headsets) enable users to talk wirelessly using their computers. This is especially helpful if you are chatting using a VoIP service. Bluetooth can also be utilized in synchronizing keyboards, printers and other devices.

Materials Needed:
- Bluetooth device
- Computer
- Bluetooth adapter
Step 1
To make use of Bluetooth functionality in your computer, check first if your computer is already Bluetooth-enabled. There are some computers that already have Bluetooth support. You can check your computer if it is Bluetooth-enabled by launching the 'Control Panel' and then search for the Bluetooth icon. If there is no Bluetooth icon, then you have to install your Bluetooth adapter.
Step 2
Insert your Bluetooth adapter installation disk on your CD-ROM drive and find the drivers that you need for installation. Most Bluetooth adapter installation kits come with an installation wizard that enables users to easily install their devices.
Step 3
Once you have successfully installed your Bluetooth adapter, enable your machine’s Bluetooth 'Discovery' mode to let your machine discover or find any active or working Bluetooth devices in its surrounding area. The particular process may differ depending on your Bluetooth device and adapter, but commonly involves activating the Bluetooth utility application on your machine and then ticking the 'Search for Devices' option. You can usually found the utility in the applications menu (if in case you’re utilizing an adapter) or in your computer’s 'Control Panel' section (if you’re machine has Bluetooth).
Step 4
Activate/Start your Bluetooth device. There should be a switch or button that will activate your Bluetooth functionality whether you’re activating a gaming control, headset or a printer. Follow the instructions of your manufacturer in activating your Bluetooth device.
Step 5
Verify your computer’s Bluetooth network link. Once your machine has located your Bluetooth device, a dialog box will appear on your screen, asking if you wish to set up or configure a link between your Bluetooth device and your computer.
Step 6
OK' once the dialog box pops up to verify and confirm the connection.
Step 7
Once you have confirmed your connection, you’ll be able to utilize your Bluetooth device at ease and leisure and there will be no need for you to synchronize it again.
Step 8
Simply power your Bluetooth device to enable it and your machine will do the rest of your work.