How to Upload DVD on to Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The method of transferring contents from any optical media like a CD or a DVD is normally referred to in computing terms as ripping. The term is based from the word RIP meaning Raster Image Processing. The process involves the copying of the audio, video, or both contents of the optical media to the hard drive not entirely similar to simply copying the files from the source disc. A simple copy process for example will not be able to distinguish the hierarchy of the files that make up the audio and video streams of a DVD video disc wherein the two streams are stored in separate folders. Majority of the editing or conversion process involving Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) formats begins with the process of ripping DVD data to the local storage drive which also significantly increases access to the DVD data as well as reduces the act of transcoding information into another format.

Materials Needed:
- DVD drive
- ripping software
- DVD media
Step 1
There are two main options to choose from to accomplish the ripping process. To use the Full Disc feature, jump to Step 6. For the Main Movie option, proceed to the next step.
Step 2
From the main window of DVDFab (there are other freeware or shareware programs like DVD-Shrink or ImgBurn), select the DVD drive that will serve as the source area for the data stream.
Step 3
Define the target folder where the ripped data will be stored under the Target field. This should normally be a different folder than the source to prevent mixing up the files.
Step 4
Click on the title of the main movie. Usually, a DVD movie will contain several video and audio streams. Select the longest one based on its file size and number of minutes as reflected in the software.
Step 5
Uncheck any audio and subtitle streams that are not intended for ripping and proceed by clicking on the 'Start option' to initiate the DVD ripping process.
Step 6
Unlike the Main Movie function, the Full Disc as its name suggests is simpler because it automatically rips the entire disc minimizing the need to modify settings. Simply choose the Source area which is the DVD drive.
Step 7
Specify in the in the Target Field where in the local hard drive the ripped DVD files will be stored and click on the 'Start' button to begin the process.
Step 8
The ripping process can usually take approximately 30 minutes. The user has the option of clicking on the 'Cancel' or 'Pause' keys at anytime. Upon completion, the ripped files may be opened with any player or editor that supports DVD codec.
Step 9
This process may fail for some media with copy protection features. These steps are provided with the assumption that the user has acquired the right to copy, edit, or distribute the DVD media contents.