How to cite a web source

Level of difficulty: Easy

There are a set of rules for different types of citations. Citing a website is very similar to citing a book. If the right protocol is not followed for citing a website it becomes very frustrating for the user to search that particular web page as a number of web pages are available on the net these days. Mainly three types of citations are followed; MLA and APA and CSE. APA style refers to the American Psychological Association set of rules to document the sources while doing research papers. One must gather the relevant information before starting the research for a particular web page. Internet can be a great resource for performing the research for a paper. Citing the websites is quite simple in spite of the style one is using. The precise information one requires to cite the website must be located correctly on the web page

Materials Needed:
- A computer with Internet connection and a finished paper or article obviously.
Step 1
Type the author’s name of the page one is looking for. Last name of the author will come first followed by a comma and then the last name of the author. If one does not know the name of the author then start with the name of the cite simply within the double quotes.
Step 2
Now list the date on which the source was written or updated. Write the date in parenthesis followed after the author’s name. The date column should not be left blank if the date is not known simply write 'n.d' in the parenthesis.
Step 3
Type the title of the article in italics within double quotes after the date and follow it up with a period.
Step 4
Then list the date on which you find the resource on the internet, followed by the exact name of the website and then a colon.
Step 5
Now list the URL address of the website soon after the colon in the search page. One must check out the name of the URL carefully as most of the beginners make a mistake in it. One is suggested to copy and paste the URL to ensure the accurate URL is provided. By providing the right information in the citation it is easier and fast to locate the web page on the internet. One can check the internet citation for accurate results.