How to buy a laptop computer

Level of difficulty: EASY

A laptop is often preferred over a desktop for the simple reasons of economy of space, mobility and due to its wireless facilities. A laptop is a constant companion while on travel and functions just like any desktop should, serving its appropriate functions as well. The only consideration is keeping the laptop juiced up at all times, so that the battery charge doesn’t run out while operation. Modern laptops are extremely efficient in performing all kinds of functions previously designated to desktops and more-resource heavy machines. For example, modern laptops are equally capable of handling high graphic jobs like video editing and developing, animation work, high-end gaming etc. It’s selecting the right laptop for the right job that actually makes a laptop function to its optimum potential.

Materials Needed:
- Purchase
Step 1
Before buying the laptop, one must be absolutely certain of its intended functions. For example, software professionals need a different kind of laptop than students, or office workers, or gamers. The specifications charts for a laptop should be of absolute significance while buying a laptop computer. If one performs high-intensity graphic heavy jobs, its best to go for laptops that have inbuilt graphics cards (GPU) in then. These cards accelerate the pixel processing rate of a computer, giving it the necessary power to run resource-heavy software like a game engine.
Step 2
Selecting the best processor, motherboard and the graphics card is especially important, because unlike desktops, laptops are closed units that can’t be upgraded once bought. Hence, getting the right combination of economy and power is extremely important.
Step 3
For gamers and visual-editing professionals, the best laptops in the market today are those using either NVIDIA or ATI Radeon graphics cards built in their motherboards. The processor speed is also important, with more computing speed (Ghz) meaning more computing power. The RAM (random access memory) is also important as it hosts the paging files, and so, laptops must be bought with adequate RAM in them. RAM is often a pre-requirement for some Operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows Seven as well. Higher Ram means faster processing power of the computers.
Step 4
For people who need dependability, the extra power-hungry parts like graphics cards could be sacrificed for higher back-up time. Traditionally, higher-spec laptops don’t have much standby time owing to the extraordinary demands made on the battery. People should also take market price indices, monitor sizes and individual manufacturer warranty-value into consideration before buying a laptop.