How to Create a DOS Boot CD

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

MS-DOS Boot CD is used for booting a CD instead of the hard drive upon the Windows startup. A boot CD consists of DOS commands and programs compressed using removable data storage. This removal data storage can load and run the Operating Systems as well as other utility programs. Boot CD may also be used in (1) the installation of the Operating Systems; (2) lost data recovery; (3) troubleshooting of software and hardware; (4) demonstration of software; (5) purging of data; (6) customization of the Operating System; (7) administrative access that allows the retrieval of forgotten passwords, and (5) loading of games. The Boot CD can only automatically run through the Windows startup if the computer has a built-in program developed according to the boot CD’s standards. This built-in program initiates the execution of the programs saved in the boot CD. Since all Operating Systems have different contents needed for its boot CD, there are different types of boot CD. This only signifies that a boot CD should be allowed to run with the particular Operating System it was designed for.

Materials Needed:
- Windows XP
- Compact Disc
Step 1
Place a blank or rewritable CD into the computer’s CD-ROM drive.
Step 2
After inserting the CD, open the 'My Computer' through the icon located on the desktop screen or you may select it from the Windows 'Start' menu.
Step 3
In 'My Computer' window, point your mouse in the computer’s disc drive’s icon. Select 'format' by right-clicking first on the icon.
Step 4
After clicking the 'Format', a window box will open. You are provided with different options where you can choose from different actions. Check the box with the 'Create an MS-DOS startup disk' command.
Step 5
After placing a check mark on 'Create an MS-DOS startup disk' box, click the 'Start' button.
Step 6
You may also copy additional files to your boot CDs. Files added in boot CDs are actually processes or programs you choose to run on the system’s startup phase. This is performed to support the Operating System in opening other utilities or applications such as hardware drivers and Anti-virus software.
Step 7
There are also other types of boot CD with content particularly designed for different types of Operating System. The required programs in a boot CD includes (1) io.sys/ibmio.sys; (2) msdos.sys; and (3) These processes must also be compatible with the Operating System version.