How to copy pc games

Level of difficulty: Easy

A personal computer game is a game played on a personal computer. Playing computer game is a fun way to pass our leisure time. One of the best reasons for the computer to become popular among children is the games. Now a day, most of us are away from outdoor games and provide the free time to Hitman, Far cry or Gears of War. There are hundreds of thousands of games available that can be downloaded for free. These PC games require specialized hardware in the computer to play, but if your computer is equipped with a high resolution graphics card, you can enjoy these games to its utmost. As technology is advancing children and elders are becoming more eager towards PC games. But these games take a lot of space in your drive making your computer slow. Thus, it is better to copy those games into a CD or DVD. In this way you can enjoy those large numbers of games without affecting your PC running speed.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
There are free gaming softwares available on the net. So be it a trial version or a public domain software with unlimited downloading, you can copy these games to your computer legally and enjoy yourself with hours of gaming. Just look for the link to the games and download the zipped gaming files. As soon as you unzip the file, you have those super cool and exciting games at your service. Regarding the method of copying games to the external disk, it is very simple. All we need a scratch free CD for proper restoration of those games. Insert the CD into the computer. Open the CD drive from 'My Computer'. Move the game folder to the drive folder. Then select the button for writing files to the disk. With completion of the steps, your PC games gets stored in a CD and you can play them whenever you want to. Apart from that, many CD burning softwares are available that are easy to use and also does not lay stress on your wallet.
Step 2
There are several brands present in the market for developing PC games. The PC games are adventurous and takes you to a new world with an unparallel and unimaginable experience. Games like call of duty or world of war craft helps you to be creative and innovative in situations that you may confront in real life. But everything has its pros and cons. So, take a note of it and plunge into the gaming world without disturbing the speed of your computer’s memory- start copying them and enjoy as much as you can.