How to Install Laptop Hard Drive to Desktop Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

There are two possible procedures to connect your laptop hard drive to your desktop computer. The first procedure may be done by connecting the laptop hard drive internally via a 2.5” to 3.5” Integrated Drive Electronics “IDE” Interface or Serial Attachment “SATA” interface adapter converter. The second way is by externally connecting your hard drive by the use of IDE or SATA interface enclosure via Universal Serial Bus “USB” cable.

Materials Needed:
- Laptop and Desktop computer
- IDE/SATA hard drive enclosure
- 2.5” to 3.5” IDE/SATA hard disk adapter converter
- USB cable
- IDE cable
- screw driver.
Step 1
Turn off your laptop and remove the battery of the laptop then unscrew the cover where the hard drive is located. Remove the hard drive from your laptop.
Step 2
Check the laptop hard drive if the interface is 'IDE' or 'SATA' interface. If you are using the IDE or SATA interface enclosure via Universal Serial Bus cable, follow Steps 3 to step 4. Follow steps 8 to step 7 if you are using 2.5' to 3.5 IDE/SATA interface adapter converter.
Step 3
Open the cover of the IDE/SATA Enclosure and connect the laptop hard drive to the enclosure adapter. Put the laptop hard drive in the IDE/SATA enclosure. Firmly connect the enclosure adapter to the hard drive. Close the cover of the IDE/SATA enclosure and secure it with screws for safety. Connect the USB cable in the enclosure.
Step 4
The Enclosure is a plug-and-play device. Now, you may connect it to the USB port on the desktop computer and other laptops. Turn off the desktop computer before opening the CPU cover.
Step 5
Attach the 2.5' to 3.5' IDE/SATA hard disk adapter converter to the laptop hard drive. Make sure that the connected laptop hard disk to the converter adapter is firmly connected. Connect the 4-pin peripheral power connector, usually called 'Moldex' connector to the 2.5' to 3.5' IDE/SATA hard disk adapter converter.
Step 6
Connect the IDE/SATA adapter cable to the motherboard’s IDE connector or SATA connector. Place the laptop hard disk with adapter converter inside the desktop computer and screw it tightly.
Step 7
Connect the power cable to the desktop computer. Check the laptop hard drive using basic input /output system 'BIOS'. The BIOS function is to detect, test, and initialize system device like hard drive, floppy drive, and integrated video/sound/network interface card. Now, you can access your files or data in your laptop drive in your desktop computer.