How to burn music onto a cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Burning the musical tracks to CD is a good idea. It gives you the chance to play it in your car or some other computers and even a CD player. Some computers already have built-in CD burners. While for others, you need to purchase a burner. For burning your favorite music tracks onto a CD, you may require some software like iTunes, Windows Media Player or some others.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
For burning music files onto a CD, you will require a CD burner, Blank CD for music (CD-R Music), Music files, iTunes or Windows Media Player software. If you are using iTunes program, first select New Playlist option from the File menu which you will find at the top of the window. Now name your play list. Hit the Music button which is underneath the Library section. You can notice it on the left side of the window. Start browsing your music library and add songs to your play list. Do this by clicking on the file and dragging it to the play list name which is on the left side of the window. Continue with the process unless you have included all the songs that you want to burn onto a CD. Now insert a blank CD-R in the CD burner. Right click on the play list name and select the Burn Playlist to Disc option. Hit Burn to commence burning the songs onto the blank CD. Wait till iTunes finishes burning the songs onto the CD before you take out the disc.
Step 2
If you want to use Windows Media Player program for this process then first open the Windows Media Player on your computer and add the musical tracks by pressing the F3 key and locating the files on your computer, in case the tracks you wish to burn are not in the Windows Media Player library. Now hit the Burn tab which is at the top of the window. Browse the music library in order to locate the songs you want to copy to a CD. Drag the files on the right side that says, Drag items here to create a burn list. Continue the process until you have included all your favorite songs you want to burn. Insert a CD-R into your CD burner. Click on the Start Burn button which is in your play list. As Windows Media Player finish burning the songs, it will eject the disc.