How to Zip a PDF File

Level of difficulty: Easy

Zipping or compressing a PDF file for sending via e-mail or uploading to a server is one of the easiest things to do in computer.

Materials Needed:
- computer
- data compressor software
Step 1
You should first run anti-virus software on the file you are compressing if you intend to send it to someone by email. This is to ensure that your file is free from any malicious threats. Most malicious software applications are spread unwittingly by innocent users who do not know that the files they are sending contain harmful applications. Malicious software is potentially damaging to a computer or may compromise the privacy of another user’s system.
Step 2
Right-click on the PDF file and a menu will be shown. Point the mouse over to 'Send to'. Another pop-up window will appear. Select 'Compressed (Zipped) Folder'. Other versions of Windows will say 'Add to zip' or 'Add to archive'. These mean the same thing.
Step 3
A new file will be created, but this file will have a '.zip' extension. You may experience a slight decrease in byte size. This is normal.
Step 4
There is little to be done if the aim of zipping is to reduce the file size dramatically. This is because PDF files are, by themselves, already compressed. There are some freeware programs which may provide additional compression than the software that usually comes with Windows.
Step 5
Download compression software and install it in your computer. Open the program.
Step 6
Go to the directory where you want to create your .zip archive. You can see this once you are at the 'Open' screen.
Step 7
In the 'files of type' section, make sure that it is set at 'Zip archive'.
Step 8
Label your future .zip file with your chosen name in the 'file name' area. The 'Open' screen will close.
Step 9
The 'Add to' window will launch. Click on the plus (+) button and go to where your PDF file is located. Go to the tab marked 'File selection' and proceed to the folder where your file is located. Select 'Mark Current Path as Base Dir'.
Step 10
Select the file you want to zip and click the 'Add' button again. A list of files will appear. Select your chosen file again and click on the 'Add' button.
Step 11
You will find your new .zip archive to the left of the panel. Highlight this and click on 'Action', proceed to 'More Function', and then to 'Create SFX'.
Step 12
Indicate the folder where you want this file to go in the moment of extraction in the 'Default extract to' portion. You have created a self-extracting file for easier extraction of your original file.
Step 13
Click on close.