How to Watch a BIN file

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A BIN file is a program that does not need a particular and real program to open. This file can be anything from a game image and sound file to an emulator. It is often used as a CD image similar to an ISO image and has also been used for a number of applications such as CD images, ROMS, Generic Binary file for storing binary data, Unix Executable File, and Binary Video File. Typically, the .bin file is a CD image extension that may contain almost anything such as a VCD movie, software, a game, an SVCD, and even X-rated images. As a video file, it contains raw DVD or any storage media device information and may typically come with a .cue file that provides a description of the information stored in the .bin file.

Materials Needed:
- Video LAN Client or Isobuster program
Step 1
Download and install the Isobuster program to the computer. This would be used for watching the .bin files. The program can be downloaded free of charge from Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3, or Mirror 4. As alternative, search for and download the program from the Web page On the other hand, the user can download a Video LAN Client that also allows the user to drop and drag a .bin file into the player.
Step 2
Once the program has been successfully downloaded and installed on the computer, the user must open the program and proceed to the .bin file that will be viewed. Open the image file then find the .bin file.
Step 3
Open the folder named 'Mpegav Folder'. Try extracting and transferring 'avseq01.dat' to the desktop. File extraction usually takes several minutes to be completed.
Step 4
Once the user is notified that the extraction process has been successfully completed, exit the Isobuster program and try to open the avseq01.dat file using any of the media players available to the user. A user can use the Windows media player classic if available in the computer. If the .bin file is a downloaded movie file, the user can use the VLC player for computers using the Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating Systems. The VLC player can save the user some time as compared with other media players since the program allows the direct playing of the .bin file.
Step 5
In opening images or files with big memory capacity, the user can burn the file in a CDR or map the file as a virtual CD-ROM drive.