How to bypass websense

Level of difficulty: EASY

Now a day employers and government agencies are increasingly using various internet filters to prevent access to certain websites. Websense is an example of such a filter that blocks access to particular websites. Well, these filters have the capability to reduce or eradicate the exposure of viruses, thus making a valid effort in preventing the hacking efforts. For instance, parents prefer using the Websense as a shield to protect their children from viewing porn. But to their utter surprise, bypassing the Websense is not that much a problem for their children. Also, the valuable and secret information of the companies are in danger of leaked out through Websense. Websense prevents access to variety of popular websites but fortunately, bypassing Websense can be considered to be surprisingly easy. The only thing that is needed is a proxy website. There are a large number of proxy websites available for our use. These proxy websites provides a way to bypass Websense through using a secure connection. The Websense blocks the websites by IP address. So, just an online proxy server can eradicate all these problems, or its IP address- to be more specific.

Materials Needed:
- Proxy website.
Step 1
The proxy server’s IP address is entered into the browser. Then in the connections section, proper setting needs to be maintained regarding entering the name of the proxy server and the port number.
Step 2
Thus, we can replace the IP of the site that is blocked with that of the IP of the proxy server.
Step 3
Even there is availability of effective softwares like g tunnel that helps in bypassing, though for a short period of time.
Step 4
The use of Websense is gradually becoming popular day by day, simply because of its positives. At work the system administration has started using Websense to enforce the company rules and prohibit the use of torrents and other undesirable content when we are working, thus increasing the employee productivity. But circumventing the filtering is creating a problem for the employers and helps the employees in accessing popular websites. The use of bypassing Websense is both beneficial and detrimental- varying from situation to situation. So, it is generally advisable to use it for something good and make sure that it provides the much needed helping hand for the end users. Start thinking about this deeply and use the technology not for hacking or industrial spying, but for something noble.