How to create a web page using html

Level of difficulty: Easy

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a simple publishing tool which is used for designing web pages. Most of the web pages are in English and since this program of HTML supports the language, it is convenient to use this tool to design a web. HTML codes are very simple to use, and any text editor can support HTML. The documents can be displayed in any text color and style with different images and forms. To use the HTML code, people use notepad or WordPad on Windows. When you use HTML code, the page will have a Title, a header, paragraphs, contents and images.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
To create a web page using HTML, you have to follow some tags which are necessary to personalize the text and images that you require on the Web pages. A tag is a group of one or more letters which is put within angle brackets, for example

is a paragraph tag.

Step 2
Almost all the tags are paired, so there is an opening

, and a closing tag

. Closing tags are always the same as the opening tag, only difference it it has a slash to indicate that it is a closing tag. As an example, the page title will be this: 'My Website', the content will be 'This is My Website'. So you will write .
Step 3
The tags are like this: It is true!
Step 4
HTML is simple and is written in text format that makes it easier to add on some more features so that you can customize the page according to an individual’s preference.
Step 5
Several features of HTML are available, so to customize the text; you have to use special HTML commands, tags to make paragraphs, tags to set text in the middle of the page, tags for line break and to set text on the right side of the page.