How to Open a Torrent File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A Torrent is a kind of file transferred from computer to computer. Torrent files are quicker to download. This is because the files are downloaded from different users. It is also more convenient to download, as you do not have to leave your computer turned on to wait for a file to finish downloading. You can simply pause the downloading and resume where you left off.

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection (optional)
- Torrent client
- Torrent file
Step 1
Download a Torrent client from the Internet if you do not have one. There are many free Torrent clients. A Torrent client is a program that you use to open and download a Torrent file. Make sure that you download a Torrent client with a good reputation. Some Torrent clients come with malware programs.
Step 2
Once you already have downloaded a Torrent client, install the program by clicking on the .exe file downloaded. Follow the prompts to install the application.
Step 3
Download a Torrent file from the Internet if you do not have a file to open. There are many sources for Torrents from the Internet. It is advisable to download from a Torrent site with a good reputation. Some files may contain viruses. It is good to look at the comments posted by other users to make sure that the Torrent file you are going to download does not come with a virus.
Step 4
Once you have decided to download a Torrent file, click on the download link provided on the page. Click on the file when the download has been completed. Usually, a prompt will appear asking you which program to use to open the Torrent file.
Step 5
Select the Torrent client from the choices on the list. This should automatically launch your Torrent client and start downloading the file.
Step 6
Wait for your Torrent file to be completely downloaded. The time of download depends on the size of the file you are downloading and also on the number of sources where the file is being downloaded from.
Step 7
Once the download is completed, check the file if it is compressed. Some files are ready to be viewed. Right click on the file that you downloaded and choose 'Open Containing Folder' in order to view the location of the file on your computer. A window will appear containing the file that you downloaded. In some cases, the files are compressed and you need to unzip it to view the file that you downloaded.