How to Get Free Internet

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Free Internet service, usually in the form of a dial-up access number, is a good backup to have in case your paid service suddenly goes down or when traveling to an area where your ISP has no available access to. Usually, free Internet service is used by many companies as part of their online advertisements to entice users to subscribe to their other services or purchase their products. Since this is a free service, each user is commonly allotted a maximum number of access hours per month to prevent any system congestion that may occur from simultaneous online activities availing of the free Internet connection. Users of free Internet access service must realize though that the use of these connections come at their own risk with the responsibility of the provider mainly centered on the part of its paying advertisers and not explicitly to users availing of their free services.

Materials Needed:
- Computer system
- modem
- telephone line
Step 1
Free Internet Service Providers have almost mostly gone out of service with the exception of a few like Juno and Netzero. To avail of these free services, the user just has to go to their website and look for access numbers available in their area.
Step 2
Another option is to visit The Free Site which offers links to free or low-cost Internet Service Providers. Be aware though that Steps 1 and 2 generally cause the proliferation of pop-up windows and banner advertisements while online. They are also mostly dial-up Internet access which means that they are considerably slower.
Step 3
The next possible step to avail of free Internet access is for users who have never had an AOL account. Picking up of their CD from the mail or some business establishments provide for a free trial period the user can use to gain access to the Internet without charge. Failure to cancel the account before the end of the free period will result in automatic enrollment and billing from AOL.
Step 4
An emerging way to gain access to free broadband wireless Internet service is to go to Wi-Fi hotspots offered in some public libraries, coffee shops, or restaurants. Majority of these establishments do not require the user to purchase anything prior to accessing the Internet connection. The cashier usually will provide the username and password necessary to log into the network. This option however requires a laptop with a wireless network adapter and physical presence in the Wi-Fi hotspot establishment.
Step 5
For users who want to gain wireless Internet access at the convenience of their own home, check for neighbors with existing wireless home networks and attempt to make a deal with them. Offer services like doing yard work, taking out the garbage, making repairs in exchange of free access to their Internet connection. Remember though that riding on their connection without their expressed consent is illegal and also detectable.