How to copy dvd to hard drive

Level of difficulty: Easy

The digital video disc, popularly known as the DVD is the latest digital medium for audio, video and data. With the era of VCR coming to a close, the DVD era is taking a big leap towards its solid entrenchment. It is the DVD that provides high quality surround sound, thereby providing a new dimension for watching movies. They even have high storage capacity of nearly five GB which makes it suitable for us to store movies of our choice. But just think of a situation where you wished to see a movie of your liking but could not find the DVD on which it was stored. To be honest, facing this problem is real, damn real. But hey, stop worrying about that. Start copying the DVD to your computer’s hard drive and you will be free from the shackles of all these unwanted situations. Copying DVD or ripping an encrypted DVD to the computer’s hard drive is a simple solution for creating a back up of the content.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Coming to the points of benefits from ripping the DVD, there are a lot to speak about. Regular use of the DVD creates huge depreciation on the DVD because of the laser in your DVD drive. This wear and tear can be reduced if the movies are stored in your hard drive and the disks remains safe in their cases. Plus, the movies are available ready at hand. Apart from that, if you make a copy of your DVD contents you can watch them on your PC, iPod and on your mobile phones. Speaking of the steps for ripping the DVD contents, it is easily possible. Just a little time with ripping software and you can avail this feature. It is relatively a straightforward process. The first thing is to make sure from the system’s device controller list that you have a DVD drive. Insert the DVD into the drive. Then comes the task of the ripping software. The software will provide instructions, which you have to execute as needed and it will install a copy of the DVD. Name the copied DVD file for your easy recognition and start using them as and when needed.
Step 2
At times, continuous copying of DVDs to hard drive can affect your computer, making it slow. All you have to do is keep a proper eye to it and then you have nothing to worry and only enjoy the high quality audio and videos on your computer and on your iPhone.