How to Set Up a Print Server

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Computer Networking is very useful for computer users. One advantage is that not all programs need to be installed in order to access certain hardware. This saves more disk space for many computers. This also gives convenience to networked computer users.

Materials Needed:
- Printer
- Computer Network
- Router / Hub
- Network Cables
- Installation CDs
Step 1
Install the printer. Have the printer installed on the host computer. Make sure it is fully installed and operational on the host computer before proceeding to the next step.
Step 2
Install a router/ hub. On the host computer, properly install the router or hub. Follow the installation guide provided on the CD. The usual first step is to connect the modem to the router, then the modem power, then the host computer host computer to the first port of the router, then the power router. Once the router is fully configured, shut down the computer then connect all the network cables from other computer to the other slots of the router / hub.
Step 3
Create a Network Connection. If all the computer networks are properly connected, turn on all the computers. And start the Network Wizard. Go to Control Panel, choose Network and Internet Connection, select Network Set-up Wizard, and Follow the instructions on the Wizard, Turn on all printers for sharing.
Step 4
Check the printer sharing. Go to Start button, choose Run, type the host computer name preceded by two back slashes. A window of shared documents and printers should appear.
Step 5
Share the printer on other computers. Choose the Printers and Faxes, then right click on the printer to share, and choose Connect. The computer would verify if the user wishes to install the printer, Choose Yes to continue the installation. Close the window after the printer has been installed.
Step 6
Printer sharing verification. Go to Control Panel, choose Printers and Other Hardware, successful printer sharing would display the shared printer on the Printers and Faxes Folder.
Step 7
Set Printer as Default. The user may set the installed printer as default. Right click on the printer and Choose set as default. This allows the user to automatically print using the set printer. The default printer could still be changed; using another printer is still possible. Note that accessing of shared hardware is only possible if the host computer is on.