How to change a file type

Level of difficulty: Easy

Each and every file has a particular extension with it. This extension defines the file type and the application that will be used to open the file. The different file types also mean different properties. Files having different extensions have different properties. These extensions can be changed from one file type to another but only similar file types can be interchanged. If one has a picture file then it can be converted to another picture type only or to that file type which supports a picture file, for instance it cannot be changed to a music file.

Materials Needed:
- One should have basic working knowledge of windows operating system. There is no special skill set that is required for doing this job.
Step 1
First step is to open the ‘Folder Options’. There are two ways to reach this destination. One is to go to the Start menu can click on the ‘Control Panel’ option. After this the control panel window will open and from there one can select the folder options icon. There is another way of reaching here. One can open any ‘Windows Explorer’ window and selecting the tools option from the menu bar. The tools menu has the option of ‘Folder Options’.
Step 2
After one has clicked the folder options another window will appear. From this window select the ‘File Types’ tab. There will be a list of registered file types from which one will have to choose the file type to be modified.
Step 3
After one has selected a particular file type then one will have to click the button named change. This will show the user a list of registered programs which can be used to open the selected file. Select one program and click ok.
Step 4
To change other properties of the file one will have to select the ‘Advanced’ option which is present in the File Types option. Clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab will open a new dialog box called ‘Edit File Types’ where the characteristics of the file can be changed. One can also use the ‘Actions’ option to attach a certain set of commands with the file type. This set of commands will appear every time the icon of that particular file type will be right clicked.
Step 5
One can also use the ‘Edit File Types’ option to modify other properties of a file like confirm open after download, always show extension and other such properties. These options might not be available in certain computers.