How to create webpage

Level of difficulty: Easy

A web page is stored in a file known as the html file. These files can be made in any program which can edit text files. Creating a web page for the Internet is exciting

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
it does need a lot of practice but once you get the hang of it
Step 2
you can put your creativity to use and be innovative
Step 3
and have fun while creating web pages. First of all
Step 4
you have to decide what you want in your web page. It could be that you want to advertise for a certain product
Step 5
publish a book
Step 6
or share the reviews of a book that you have written or maybe you would want to create a magazine which is related to your paintings. Anything that has meaning can be published on a web page. Irrespective of the matter to be published on the web page
Step 7
the directions to do so are to be followed in a particular method. This is how you do it.
Step 8
Here we shall go step-by-step to create a simple web page. When you start the page, use the tag to show it is an html page, such as < >. These are called tags. Then make a title for the page, so a head is needed, this way <head>. The title is placed at the start of the page, and it comes within the tag. So the title will be written <title> tag: <title> My homepage</title>.
Step 9
The whole page is known as the body so we enter the <body> tag, and the color to use on the page. For example: <body bgcolor='#ffffff' text='#000000' link='#00ffff' a link='#000000'>. Now you can start writing the text you want on the page. If you want a line break, then enter the <br> tag. Different people have different sizes on their windows, a perfect page might not look perfect to another person, since line breaks are put. When you are adding pictures, then use a special tag, such as <img>. Specify size of the image, the thickness of frame.
Step 10
To put a link to other documents or pages, you have to write this: <a href=''>yoursite</a>. This will create a link to, called 'cnn'. Put a picture link too such as <a href=''><img src='yourimage.gif' alt='your image description' width='200' align='middle' border='0'></a>.
Step 11
At the end of the page, terminate the tags that were opened by entering </body> and </html>.