How to Send Text from a Computer to a Phone

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) is a way of sending messages that contain purely textual (hence the term text message) from one mobile communication device to another mobile phone, regular land line, handheld device like a Blackberry, or a computer system connected to the Internet. This communication protocol was initially developed sometime in 1985 through a series of real-world implementations which took over a decade to achieve its current status, popularity, and usage. Messages are sent from one point to another using access points like cellular sites and may be intended either for a single person or to a group such as a public announcement or an advertising promotion commonly sent to all subscribers of specific networks. With the rapid increase in communication technology and the increasing capability of the Internet to provide the underlying infrastructure, text messaging has broken beyond the boundaries of merely being limited between two mobile phones.

Materials Needed:
- Mobile phone
- SIM card
- GSM/GPRS modem
- Web browser
- computer
- Internet connection
Step 1
There are a number of ways on how to send text messages from a computer to a mobile phone. The first viable and free method is to use websites that cater specifically for this purpose. Open the Web browser and type in the address bar and press the 'Enter' key.
Step 2
This will bring you to the SMS Everywhere website which provides free text messaging service. Simply type the mobile number in the 'To' field and type in your message in the corresponding field. Click on the 'Send Now' button to deliver your text message. This service however limits each message to only 150 characters and caters to specific mobile networks only like Nextel, T-mobile, and Sprint.
Step 3
Another way is to purchase a GSM/GPRS modem device. Similar to any dial-up or broadband (DSL or Cable) modem, this device has a slot which allows the user to insert a SIM card. Simply connect the device to the computer via a cable connection and insert your SIM card into the slot. The computer is immediately transformed into a desktop or laptop texting machine.
Step 4
The modem is accompanied by a software application. Once the device is connected, launch the software in order to read the configuration of the home network stored in the SIM card. Using the software, the user can send and receive text messages using the computer system.
Step 5
Currently, the software used with the GSM/GPRS modem is limited to sending text messages only and cannot make voice calls. Messages received are stored locally in the hard drive. If you want to be able to read the message from your mobile phone, make sure that you save a copy of the message to the SIM card.
Step 6
Make sure that the GSM/GPRS modem is turned off before you remove the inserted SIM card; otherwise, it may damage the unit.
Step 7
The last possible option to send text messages from a computer to a mobile phone is via another mobile phone with a modem function like the Motorola C650. Connect the phone to the computer system via a USB cable.
Step 8
The mobile phone will be detected as a wireless modem device. Install the Motorola suite software and launch it.
Step 9
The software makes the mobile phone a part of the computer system and allows the user to send and receive text messages directly from the machine. It also provides the user with a way to synchronize some contents of the phone to the computer for the purpose of backing them up or managing the contacts list for example.
Step 10
When finished, eject the device similar to a USB flash drive or any similar external device to avoid damage.