How to Make HTML Comments in MySpace

Level of difficulty: Easy

Using the HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol markup language is a great way to make your comments on MySpace more personalized. Whether you want to embed videos and music or post pictures, using simple HTML codes can spice up your MySpace comments to your friends and family.

Materials Needed:
- Windows Notepad
- Internet connection
- MySpace account
Step 1
The first step is to learn the basic HTML codes. One of the common misconceptions about HTML is that it is very hard to understand, but simple codes such as those used in MySpace are all you ever really need to memorize. These codes include the '<>' and the '</>' tags. These tags are called the bookends of HTML commands. They are placed on either end of the text the coder wants to manipulate.
Step 2
To create a text with italics, type the '<i>' tag. Then, type the text you want italicized. When finished, close the tag with '</i>'. When you load the page in HTML, the text enclosed in this tag will be italicized.
Step 3
To create text in bold letters, type '<b>'. Enter the text you want in bold letters, and close it again with the </b> tag. Always remember to end your text with the appropriate </> tag in order for your code to work.
Step 4
If you want to place your text in the middle of the page, you can place the <center> and </center> tags on either end of the text. This will make the words enclosed in the tag to remain fixed on the center of the page.
Step 5
If you want to insert photos in your comments, type in '<img src=' ' alt=' ' width=' ' height= ' '/>'. Place the picture you want to post inside the quotation marks of the IMG SRC attribute; the picture must first be uploaded onto file sharing sites like Photobucket and ImageShack in order for it to work. If you want to give your image a title that will show up when your image is unable to load on a visitor’s webpage, type it on the ALT attribute. To adjust the height and width of the image, simply type in the respective pixel dimensions on the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes.
Step 6
Aside from typing your own code, you can also paste HTML codes from sites to your comments as well. File-sharing sites such as Photobucket and Youtube have images and videos with pre-configured HTML codes which you simply place on your comment. Just select the HTML code, copy, and paste on your site.