How to Use an SRT File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Basically, an SRT file is considered as a component of a digital movie file used to represent the textual contents of the movie which provide the ability to display subtitles to different types of movie formats. This type of file can be associated with DVD, DivX, AVI, and other popular video file container formats that can be activated from the settings option of the media player. This will be used to play back the movie file. Although not strictly followed, in most instances, the naming convention used for these subtitle files are in reference to the language represented by the subtitle like in the case of MOVIE.GER.SRT for a German subtitle file while an English subtitle can be represented as MOVIE.ENG.SRT. This file does not store any form of video data but in most cases, it is saved under the same location as its supported video file and must carry the same file name differentiated only by the file extension type.

Materials Needed:
- mp4box
- mplayer
- mencoder
- Directvobsub
- Cellulo
- hex editor
- text editor
- hard drive
- media player like VideoLAN
- Web browser
- Internet connection
Step 1
Under the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform, some of the recommended tools to be used include the mencoder and the mplayer. These two can be downloaded from the;=showpage&pid;=7 site. These tools allow for the encoding of the movie.
Step 2
Simultaneously, go to the website to download the Directvobsub utility which will be used for displaying the subtitles stored in the SRT file.
Step 3
Upon completion of the download and installation process, open the movie file. The Directvobsub tool will instantly load the file in the player when the user views the movie. VideoLAN is recommended primarily because it is free software. The Microsoft Windows Media Player may also be used as long as the VobSub plug-in has been downloaded and installed.
Step 4
For Mac OS X users, open the Web browser and go to the website to download the Cellulo utility. This utility allows the playing of the movie together with the SRT file as long as they are in the same location and loaded simultaneously by using the Command and O combination keys. VideoLAN can also be used in the Mac OS platform.
Step 5
For a cross-platform solution, go to the VLC Player page to download and install the VLC Player tool.
Step 6
Upon completion of the installation process, launch the VLC Player software. In the Open dialog box, click the browse option and search for the video file to be watched.
Step 7
Activate the 'Use a subtitle file' by clicking on its check box. Search for the corresponding SRT file of the movie.
Step 8
Make sure that the movie file and the subtitle file are correct. Click on the 'OK' button to begin watching the movie with subtitle feature.