How to advertise your website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to advertise your website? Are you interested in reaching out to thousands of people in no time? Do you want to let them know about your business through it? Here are some low costs or no cost methods to guide you.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
First you need to find out a referral or an affiliate. There are several ways through which you can pay your affiliate. You may choose 'pay per click,' i.e. a certain amount of money should be paid to the referrer for a single visitor. If you choose 'pay per lead,' it implies you need to pay the referrer if the visitors register to your website. If 'pay per scale,' attracts you the most, all you have to do is either pay a certain amount of money or a percent of the sale to the referrer. The 'pay per scale' is perhaps the safest process out of the three as you pay when there are actual sales.
Step 2
You may choose to personally negotiate the share with the top associates. If you involve a referral or an affiliate, it will help you in promoting your site as the affiliates will bring more customers which will help in the growth of your business. If you want to start an affiliate program of your own, CGI program will be required which will let you see who has referred the particular customer. You may purchase some software programs or can take the help of a third party who has such a program. If you involve a third party company, that might increase the affiliate’s trust as most of these parties are well known. There are some third party payment processing companies that take the sole responsibility of running your affiliate program. Go for a reputed affiliate program, as an unknown affiliate program will not be of much help.
Step 3
For publicizing your website, you may use affiliate directories as well. They are similar to search engines which are specialized for affiliate programs. There are two ways through which you can submit affiliate program to the directories. You may do it manually. It might take long time, however the work will be done perfectly. An auto submission tool can be used as well. Affiliate-announce are the most popular. It will help you get your program registered in these directories. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully before you invest for advertising your website.