How to Burn a DVD Using Your Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Burning files on a DVD (Digital Video Disc) serves many purposes. DVDs can be used to back up files, such as pictures, videos, audio files, and text files. DVDs are also used to create multiple copies of a file to be shared with other people. There are different types of DVDs that can be created. These are namely data discs that can contain spread sheets, text files and other documents, and multimedia discs that can contain pictures, videos, and other multimedia files.

Materials Needed:
- Computer with a DVD burning software
- files to be burned on DVD
- a blank DVD
Step 1
Most computers recently purchased already come with general DVD burning software. Locate the file or files that you want to be copied on a DVD. It is advisable to sort out the files that you want to be copied inside a single folder for easier navigation.
Step 2
Open the DVD burning software on your computer. Open the disc drive and insert the blank DVD. Close the disc drive.
Step 3
Make sure that the files that you are going to burn on the DVD fit the space on the blank DVD.
Step 4
Open the files that you are going to burn. Click on the 'burn' button on the interface of the DVD burning software. The burning of the DVD can take up time, depending on the size of the files that are going to be burned. Wait for the burning of the DVD to be complete.
Step 5
Eject the DVD from the disc drive. Close the disc drive.
Step 6
A computer that runs on Windows XP can also burn DVDs. Click on the 'Start' button. Select 'All Programs' from the menu. Click on 'Accessories' and select 'Windows Explorer' from the submenu.
Step 7
Insert a blank DVD on the disc drive.
Step 8
Locate the files that you want to be burned on the blank DVD. Select these files and drag them on the DVD burner icon on 'Windows Explorer'.
Step 9
Click 'File'. Select 'Write these files to CD' on the menu. A burning wizard will be displayed on the screen. Follow the instructions on the burning wizard. Wait for the wizard to finish burning your DVD.
Step 10
Eject the DVD from the disc drive and close the disc drive.