How to Install Ubuntu

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ubuntu is an up-to-date Operating System that is considered stable and readily accessible for users. It boasts of an easy installation process and usability, and is said to be one of the most popular Linux programs for desktops. This system can be easily downloaded from the Internet for free. “Ubuntu” translates to “humanity for others” in African.

Materials Needed:
- Computer or laptop
- Windows OS
- Internet connection
- blank CD or USB memory stick
Step 1
In order to install the latest version of Ubuntu, it is necessary to download the Wubi installer. Look for this in the Internet using your preferred search engine and download the program to your computer.
Step 2
Also, download the Ubuntu ISO from this website: Save this in an accessible location in your computer, preferably in your Desktop.
Step 3
With a CD burning application, burn the Ubuntu ISO image into a CD. After this, insert the CD in your computer and open it. Do not forget to create a backup of your data before starting the installation process. Also, be sure to defragment your Operating System.
Step 4
Choose the 'Install inside Windows' option from the menu that will appear on the screen after launching the CD. A series of instructions will guide you to install the ISO in the computer.
Step 5
After this, you will see the Wubi installer. Check the amount of memory you have in your hard drive and select either 30Gb or more if you have enough space.
Step 6
It is now time to configure the installation. With the settings option, it is possible to specify where you will put the Ubuntu installation on your Windows Operating System partition, or others such as the size of the installation, the language of your choice, and a username and password. After configuring your settings, click on 'Install.'
Step 7
Wait until the files are downloaded. An option window will instruct you to reboot the Wubi installer. Do this and wait for the installer to finish rebooting.
Step 8
When the startup menu appears, choose 'Ubuntu' from the screen. This will launch Ubuntu. This method of installation, which uses Wubi, allows for easy removal in the event that the user decides to do so. This is done by using the Windows 'Add or Remove Programs' option.
Step 9
Bring back all the data and customize the settings of your system.