How to activate windows 7

Level of difficulty: Easy

Windows 7 is the latest version of operating systems produced by Microsoft. For our laptops or desktops, Microsoft Windows is the last word and its latest version has made a strong positive impact on its renowned popularity. Windows 7 was released to manufacturing in mid 2009 and came to the market for the general users towards the end of 2009. Windows 7 has added a lot new features like developed multi-core processor performance along with boot performance and a whole lot that other operating systems can think of. Windows 7 also provides improved media features and redesigned calculator with features like unit conversion and capabilities like programmer and statistic modes. Many new items like troubleshooting, workspaces centre and system icons have been added to the control panel. But, it is the taskbar that is the most talked about among all other changes made in the new version. The taskbar has been attributed with pinning applications instead of quick launch toolbar. The pinned application’s button are connected with the task buttons adding all features, as a result of which access to the common tasks has become easier. Activating a window 7 is has turned out to be a must for your computer and without its activation there is possibility of some windows features being disabled for you and the it will impossible to update the system with the recent products updated from Microsoft. It is generally advisable to activate windows 7 during windows 7 installation. But if someone has not done that- no need to worry. If you have a fast internet connection, it will take only a minute to manually activate Windows 7 and that too without any problem.

Materials Needed:
- Fast internet connection for manual activation
Step 1
Large numbers of links are available on the internet to carry out the proceedings.
Step 2
The product key getting matched simply means that you can make a perfect connection through the internet and almost the entire steps are complete.
Step 3
On completion, the report of successful activation will be seen on the screen stating about the copy of windows being verified. If there is a problem due to which the system cannot reach the internet, you will be informed to define and build an internet connection.