How to Use a Wireless Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A wireless router makes using the Internet around the home or office easier and more accessible. It also makes it possible for several computers or laptops to share one Internet connection without the hassle of cords since it beams the connection around a selected perimeter. This will make using the computer or laptop anywhere in the selected perimeter possible.

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- wireless router
- computer or laptop with wireless Internet capability
- Ethernet wire
Step 1
It is important that your Internet connection is strong and working. To do this, connect the Ethernet cable connected to the modem of the computer and open your preferred Web browser. If the Web browser displays pages, then you know that the Internet connection is working fine.
Step 2
After checking your Internet connection, unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer. Plug this into the wireless router in the port labeled 'Internet.'
Step 3
Make sure the wireless router is plugged into a power source before opening it. It is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to know more details about the router. You can either look for the manual included in the package of the router or just check the back of the router for information.
Step 4
After turning the router on, let it sit running for a few moments in order to give time for the router to configure its settings. Then, open your connection by looking for the 'Start' in the computer. Choose 'Control Panel' in the menu, then 'Network Connections.' Find 'Wireless Network Connection' in the menu and double click this. Search for 'Find Network Connections' option, and click this
Step 5
Look for the item with the strongest signal. It could also have an item with the brand name of the router you have. Choose this to activate it in your computer. Your computer will then tell you that you are connected to the Internet.
Step 6
Do not forget to customize your router by checking its preferences. It is best to provide security such as activating WPE or WAP passwords and more. Customization is usually done through the Web browser. For this, check the instruction manual for further instructions on how to do so.
Step 7
Make sure that users who would want to access the Internet wirelessly in the selected perimeter of your router are informed about the name of the wireless network to look for and the password if you have it activated.