How to change the recycle bin icon

Level of difficulty: Easy

Recycle bin icon contains deleted files. Some may prefer a recycle bin as a waste that holds unnecessary files and data. However, it can be significantly used to restore the lost data. It helps users to revive those files that were deleted by mistake. However, not all that have been deleted go to the recycle bin. Recycle bin icon can easily be changed just like any other icon.Recycle bin is called the file manager. It provides relief to those users who may have deleted accidentally some files containing important data. Recycle bin icon appears either on the desktop or inside “Start” menu. It is a simple process that one needs to follow to revive the deleted files. Users need to double-click on the recycle bin icon to view all its contents. A list of files could be seen on doing so. Users can then locate that file which they wish to restore by a right-click. One should be very careful during this process. If by any chance, a user presses the delete button it would be nearly impossible to restore deleted data. Recycle bin icon can easily be changed by adhering to a step-by-step procedure.

Materials Needed:
- One would need a computer and recycle bin icon that one wishes to change.
Step 1
In the first step, users need to right-click on Windows to select 'New'. After doing this, they are required to select 'Shortcut' which in turn causes the 'Create Shortcut' window to open up.
Step 2
Users are then required to type '%SystemRoot%/explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder'. After inserting this in the text box, users need to click 'Next' to proceed further.
Step 3
Users then need to name this new shortcut so created and select 'Finish' to end this step and proceed further to the next step.
Step 4
The shortcut so formed will appear on users’ desktop. After right-clicking on the shortcut formed, users are required to select 'Properties' option.
Step 5
Once the 'Properties' option opens up, users need to select 'Change Icon' and look for suitable icons from the file. Once users have selected an appropriate icon, they are required to click'OK' to continue with next step.
Step 6
Once the user clicks recycle bin picture and selects 'OK' twice, the recycle bin icon will automatically get changed
Step 7
In the last step, users have to make sure that the newly created shortcut has been dragged to windows.