How to Secure a Linksys Router

Level of difficulty: Easy

Securing your wireless router prevents a third party from gaining unauthorized access into your system and resources. This will prevent identity theft and a hacker accessing your computer while your Internet connection is open. Securing your wireless router is easy and will be greatly beneficial in the long run.

Materials Needed:
- A desktop or laptop computer with Windows OS
- a Web browser installed
- an installed Linksys Wireless Router
Step 1
Turn on your computer and wait for the Windows OS to load. Open your Web browser.
Step 2
Type '' (without the quotation marks) in the browser search bar and then press the enter key. A pop-up box will emerge and ask for your username and password. Leave the username space clear and type 'admin' in the password field. Click 'OK'. If this fails to work, you can try 'admin' for username and 'Admin' for the password field.
Step 3
This will bring you to the Linksys set-up page. Select 'Wireless' on the displayed tabs and then 'Wireless Security'. You will be given two options in the security mode: WEP or WPA. WPA is preferable since it is more secure but it is also incompatible with the older versions of the router. You should opt to choose WEP in the meantime.
Step 4
Choose 128 bits 26 hex digits in WEP Encryption. Input a password in the Passphrase box and click on 'generate'. This will generate four entries with 26 digits each. Copy all these bits of information into a text document for these are the keys you will need to access the wireless router.
Step 5
Enter the first key’s (KEY 1) 26-digit password when the computer prompts you to enter the WEP key.
Step 6
Go back to your browser and repeat step number two. This time, however, you need to change the password, formerly 'admin' or 'Admin'. Click on the 'Administration' tab and enter a different password in the given field and save. This is the password you will use in the event that you need to reconfigure your router.
Step 7
If you have a relatively new version of a Linksys wireless router, you may opt for the WPA security mode instead of WEP. Choose 'WPA-Personal' and select 'TKIP' encryption. Type your chosen passphrase and '3600 seconds' for key renewal. Write down your password for future reference and then click on 'Save settings'.
Step 8
Keep in mind that there are available third-party software designed to secure wireless or cabled networks. It may be best to install legitimate third-party software to protect your wireless network since these third-party applications can act as additional lines of defense against malicious code. You can install the third-party network protection software of your choice before or after securing your wireless network.